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Family Lawyers: Keep a Criminal Lawyer on Speed Dial

Emotions run high in all actions affecting the family. Perhaps the relationship was abusive, there were addiction issues that led to the divorce, or their were financial issues that keep tensions high. Regardless of the reason, it is not uncommon for litigants in divorce cases to be on the brink of activity that could land them on the wrong side of the law. Children of divorcing couples tend to act out. Adolescent children often get into adult trouble.

If you are a a lawyer representing clients in these matters, and these types of issues come up, you need a practitioner you can turn to for help. Clients tend to regard their lawyers as trust agents, or distributors of counsel for all all things legal and many things that are not. Your contact list can be valuable to you and your clients. When criminal or forfeiture issues arise, have a lawyer at your fingertips who you can consult with and still service your client. An experienced criminal defense attorney who practices primarily in this field will be your best bet. You can see my web site here. I have been working in this field for nearly twenty years. My firm Schober Schober & Mitchell, SC, is an A-V rated firm with offices in New Berlin and Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and represents clients in who have virtually every type of matter.

  1. November 29, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    I can definitely see the importance for family lawyers to keep this in mind. I would imagine that most lawyers have many other contacts within their personal network that they could turn to in cases like this. A good friend of mine in Salt Lake City, who is a corporate attorney, has several other attorneys on his speed dial.

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